How do I select and instruct a property solicitor?

How do I select and instruct a property solicitor?

There are a number of things to consider when you are thinking of choosing a company to carry out the legal work for your property transaction. As there’s a lot more involved with the conveyancing process than simply completing and sending forms, your choice should be made based on a couple of really important points.

In order to ensure you receive the service you expect you need to determine what’s important to you. We’ve covered a few points here and hope they help.

For many people the most important factor when choosing a solicitor to carry out their conveyancing is cost. A fixed fee service means that you know, in advance, what legal fees to expect and can therefore budget effectively meaning there won’t be any nasty surprises at the end of your transaction.

Using a specialist property solicitor or conveyancer is a great way to ensure that your legal team are focused solely on your transaction. They will not be distracted with other legal matters as their entire centre of activity and excellence will be residential or commercial property transactions. This focus makes them experts who excel in their chosen field.

Great customer service is of paramount importance for many including those who have busy lifestyles and consider themselves to be ‘time poor’. Ensuring your chosen company publishes reviews or testimonials on line that clearly show the quality of service they deliver is important to ensure you’re going to receive the same high level of service.

Another consideration for some is office location as customers feel they may wish to visit their chosen solicitor. With constant improvements in technology and a focus on speedy transactions it’s unlikely you will need to visit your solicitor but if it’s important, do choose a solicitor with a convenient location and some parking.

Once you have found the right company to work for you, instructing your conveyancer could not be easier – simply contact them for a quote through one of their many contact options which could be email, phone, website contact form or social media channels.

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