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We are delighted to support the on going development of students at the Cardiff Metropolitan University School of Management - via its work placement scheme. It’s one of the largest and most established University work placement schemes in Wales where they are dedicated to enhancing their students' employability through valuable work placements.

The Placement Team require the active and continued support of employers to work in partnership with the University and offer work experience placements to the students – and that’s just what we did.

We were able to create a work placement job description together with a project brief for the candidates 20 days with us.

The timing for the placements can vary but the majority of students will complete 20 days through term time and Fridays – which are free of lectures to allow them to do this. However students can also complete longer placements -10 weeks during the summer holidays.

‘We believe that work experience is invaluable to any candidate‘ said Gemma Monday, Head of Residential Conveyancing, ‘we are very pleased and proud to support Cardiff Metropolitan University and their students. The candidate we chose was as useful to us as we were to her, the scheme worked well’. Gemma, who qualified in 2004, continued ‘This is a great scheme and one we will continue to support’.

A spokesperson for Cardiff Met said,’ We believe our students can add value to an organisation as they are highly motivated, have specialised knowledge suitable for your business requirements, and can bring fresh ideas and an external viewpoint’.

Details of the Work Placement Scheme can be found here - Cardiff School of Management website

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