What is fixed fee conveyancing?

What is a legal fixed fee and what are the advantages?

A fixed fee is a pre agreed amount of money charged for an agreed service or piece of work. Many solicitors or conveyancers do not offer a fixed fee service, which can make it hard for a client to budget for the costs involved with buying or selling a property. 

It’s important to ask your solicitor or conveyancer for a quote to ensure you are clear on what you can expect in exchange for the agreed fee.

Fixed fees offer clients a transparent service and should provide peace of mind throughout the transaction. It’s important to know exactly where you stand and many consumers are more comfortable knowing in advance what they will be charged for the legal services they will be receiving from their property lawyer.

Insight Law offer a fixed fee service on their property transactions to provide that transparency and to avoid any nasty surprises for clients. Please contact us for a fixed fee quote.


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