What is a welcome pack?

What is a Welcome Pack?

Once you have selected and instructed your conveyancing specialist the process of buying or selling your property will commence.

You will have already provided vital information to your conveyancer such as your name, address and contact details, together with details of the property transaction you wish them to assist you with.

The welcome pack you receive will normally be in the form of a covering letter and essential forms and documents that you will be required to read carefully and complete. This covering letter is often referred to as “the client care letter”. If more than one person is named in the document it’s important that each person reads and signs the relevant documents as directed. The information you confirm will form the basis of your legal file and attention to this document is important.

The welcome pack will contain a breakdown of the firms’ fees, the Terms and Conditions of Business and a request for identification evidence.


A full and transparent breakdown of the expected fees will be laid out in your welcome pack and will include the conveyancer’s fee plus all the other fees, costs and disbursements that are connected with your transaction. VAT requirements will be clearly stated.

*Terms of business 

Your conveyancer will share with you their firm’s commitment to you including their obligations under the regulatory body, The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). 

*Proof of identity (ID) is required by anti money laundering legislation and will be needed prior to your conveyancer commencing work on your file.

Both your identity and your address will need to be verified and the following list of documents should help you complete this process -


*Verify your identity - one of the following for each person involved in the transaction

>Current signed passport or EEA member state identity card

>Residence permit issued by the Home Office to EAA nationals on sight of own country passport

>Current UK or EEA photo card driving licence

>Benefit book or original notification letter from Benefits Agency confirming your rights to benefits.


*Verify your address - one of the following for each person involved in the transaction

>Recent utility bill (dated within the last three months)

>Local council tax bill for the current year

>Bank or building society statement containing current address

>Council rent card or tenancy agreement

>Benefit book or original notification letter from the Benefits Agency confirming your right to benefits (not applicable if used to verify identity)

>EEA member state identity card (not applicable if used to verify identity)

>Inland revenue self-assessment statement or tax demand

>House or motor insurance certificate showing address


Verifying your identity and address can be carried out by the team at Insight Law but can also be carried out by a Mortgage Broker, another Solicitor, Bank Manager or an Accountant just in case attending our offices proves inconvenient or impractical.

Your welcome pack is an important document and we haven taken care to be as clear as possible, but please feel free to ask our friendly team of property professionals for additional information if required

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For additional information you can refer to the SRA by clicking here - Solicitors Regulation Authority


Or the Law Society by clicking here - Law Society


Additional information relating to Anti Money Laundering legislation can be found by clicking here - Money Laundering Legislation

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